2019 Teams
Several Teams have already entered the 2019 Professional Barbecue Competition!

Contest A ​(Friday)                                                                   Contest B (Saturday)

1.  Creekside Smokers                                                          1. Haulin Buttz 

2. Barrel Fever                                                                         2. Creekside Smokers

3. Twisted Pair                                                                        3. Barrel Fever

4. Hickory BBQ Company                                                    4. Twisted Pair 

5. Ham Town Smokers                                                         5. Hickory BBQ Company

 6. Big Dog BBQ, VA                                                               6. Dr. Drum BBQ 

 7. Elite BBQ                                                                             7. Ham Town Smokers

 8. Rocky Top Barbeque                                                       8. Big Dog BBQ, VA

 9. Still Workin' On It                                                              9. Elite BBQ

10. Old Virginia Smoke                                                        10. Rocky Top Barbeque

 11. Too Sauced                                                                      11. Still Workin' On It

 12. Hoggy Bottom Boys                                                       12. Bud Wiser BBQ

 13. Under the Radar                                                            13. Old Virginia Smoke

 14. Rubba Butta Que                                                           14. Too Sauced

 15. Bud Wiser BBQ                                                               15. Hoggy Bottom Boys

                                                                                                   16. Vote for Trump

                                                                                                    17. Smoke Wagon

                                                                                                    18. Under the Radar

                                                                                                    19. Rubba Butta Que

                                                                                                    20. Big Money BBQ

                                                                                                    21. Brother-In-Law BBQ

                                                                                                    22. Mountain Grillas

​BBQ Competitions

Smoking In The Foothills Professional BBQ Competition is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) and is a State Championship event.

Teams can arrive on Thursday, October 22 or Friday, October 23. Turn-in will be on Saturday, October 24.

Rules and Regulations are designed to be fair to all contestants. The integrity of the Contest Judges, KCBS Represenitives and Competition Organizers is essential. Please click the buttons below to read, review and/or print out the rules and regulations. ​

What we have planned for the Cook Teams:

  1. Private Cook Team Social at 4:00 PM Friday
  2. ​Cook Team Breakfast Friday & Saturday morning


Our trophies exemplify our communities  wood crafting and artistic heritage.  Created by Brad Indicott of Lenoir, the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion burl wood turnings are nothing short of spectacular and something to always be treasured.

Thank You to

Our 2019 Sponsors!


Competition A: $5,000 in Prize Money                    

1,250 Grand Champion

750 Reserve Grand Champion

250 First Place Each Category

200 Second Place Each Category
150 Thrid Place Each Category
100 Fourth Place Each Category
20 Fifth Place Each Category
Trophy Sixth thru Tenth Each Category

Competition B: $10,000 in Prize Money

2,500 Grand Champion

1,500 Reserve Grand Champion

500 First Place Each Category

400 Second Place Each Category

300 Thrid Place Each Category

200 Fourth Place Each Category

100 Fifth Place Each Category

Trophy Sixth thru Tenth Each Category

The 2020 Competition has been cancelled.